It’s a dogs life – dog friendly campervan holidays

Dog friendly campervan holidays was a must for us at Long Valley Campers. Pets are so much a part of the family it just wouldn’t seem right not to bring them with you to share in the fun and frolics of a campervan holiday. Campervan holidays and dogs are like crackers and cheese, they almost belong together and we are sure your pooch will love the freedom of the open road as much as you do. So, when we first started Long Valley Campers it was important to us to include our furry friends in what we offer. With that in mind it was an easy decision to make and one of the our campervans (Hannah) is pet friendly.

Getting the most from your dog friendly campervan holidays

In order to get the most from your campervan holiday with your pooch there are a few things you need to think about. Here’s a ist of a few things to consider before you begin your next adventure;

How well trained is your dog?

Let’s face it no pooch, no matter how much training is perfect. It is however important that they are well behaved in the more confined space of the campervan. This is especially true while you are driving the vehicle for their own safety and for everyone on board. See tips for travelling (below) with your dog below for more information.

How big is your dog?

The size of your dog also needs to be considered, as if you have a Great Dane or even something a bit smaller, a campervan is probably not the best option!

Tips for travelling with dogs

If your dog is happy travelling in a car, then they will be comfortable in the campervan too. They may even prefer the campervan as it is more spacious. It’s likely they will end of loving the camper as much as you do. After all, this is a great opportunity for them to spend more time with their favourite people, getting more walks and extra petting time. What’s not to like!

Rule 57 of the Highway Code says you must ensure your dog is “suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly”. It’s best to use a pet carrier, seat belt harness or dog cage, depending on your pet’s temperament and preferences.

Here are our top tips for travelling with your four legged friend;

  • Take breaks often and long enough.
  • Always provide fresh drinking water.
  • If possible, never leave your dog alone in the campervan.
  • Should you ever have to leave them alone, make it brief – no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Always leave the windows slightly open so that your pet has enough oxygen and does not get heat stroke!
  • When driving, be aware that drafts can seriously damage your dog’s eyes.

Stress free campervan holidays

A little pre-planning will go along way to making life simpler when you are away. Here’s a few top tips to enjoy a stress free campervan holiday with your pet;

  • Make sure you’ve chosen a campsite that welcomes dogs (most do).
  • See if the site has any dog friendly facilities, like a dog walking area etc
  • It’s worth checking for any restrictions for example; do you need to keep your dog on the lead?
  • If available book a hardstanding pitch, it helps keep paws and the inside of the campervan clean.
  • Take your dog for a walk around the campsite on arrival. They can have a nosy peek at everyone else and get familiar with new surroundings.
  • If possible keep a routine, feed and take our dog out for their walk at the same time as at home. It will help them feeling more relaxed and get settle in.
  • Give your dog a little freedom (and yourselves) when parked up without annoying the neighbours and bring along a corkscrew peg to allow them outside the campervan
  • Don’t forget the doggy essentials – see below

A good night’s sleep

There’s plenty of space for dogs to sleep in the campervan. While some try to claim the rock ‘n’ roll bed as their own, most will find a comfortable spot for a dog bed.

When it comes to sleeping, each dog owner will simply find their own way. It’s worth bringing the cushion, toy, blanket and/or dog bed that your dog sleeps with at home. They’ll feel reassured and comforted by its familiarity. We recommend the passenger footwell in their favourite bed. A good long walk, routine and a belly full of grub will guarantee a good nights sleep every night.

Take a look at the layout of our campervans in the day and at night and start planning your pet friendly campervan holiday.

What to do with a muddy dog

Most dogs love mud, water and generally getting mucky at any available opportunity. Keeping them clean on a campervan holiday doesn’t need to be a full time job. Here are our top tips to keep your dog clean;

  • A plant spray or collapsible bucket full of water to rinse the mud and grime from your dogs fur
  • A micro-fibre towel (they wash and dry quickly and easily)  to dry off after a good rinse

Don’t forget the doggy essentials

  • Transport basket/sleeping basket
  • Travel water bowl and food bowl
  • Usual food and treats
  • Bedding from home to ensure a familiar scent they can snuggle up to
  • Muzzle/leash
  • A plastic mat to go under the bowls
  • Dog brush
  • Dog poo bags
  • Collapsing silicone bucket for paw washing
  • Old towels to dry your dog (micro-fibre ones dry quickly)
  • Shampoo for washing a muddy dog
  • Disinfectant spray
  • A dog first aid kit including antiseptic solution, tick remover, flea treatment and bandages
  • Dog toys – don’t forget their favourite toy… It can make all the difference to how they settle in and enjoy the trip

We hope this has helped you think about every aspect of how you and you can get the most out of your dog friendly campervan holidays.

Fun and adventure await for you and your pet.