The VW California vs the TARDIS

Is the VW California a TARDIS?

Is the VW California a TARDIS? A question I am sure you keeps you up at night. So in the last couple of blog posts we have made a comparison between the voluminous storage capacity in the campervan and Doctor Who’s TARDIS.  With that in mind we thought it might be a bit of fun to expore the comparison further and see if the Doctor would approve. For those who may not be aware the TARDIS is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as;

“Etymology: < TARDIS (acronym < Time And Relative Dimension (or Dimensions) In Space), the name in the science-fiction BBC television series Doctor Who (first broadcast in 1963) of a time machine outwardly resembling a police telephone box, yet inwardly much larger.”

So here goes;

1. The TARDIS has the ability to travel through time and space

A big tick here for the VW California. Whilst, sadly it is not able to travel back in time it most definitely travels forward through time and space and is just waiting to transport you to other worldly places.

2. The TARDIS is famously ‘bigger on the inside’

Once again another big tick here for the VW Califiornia here too. There’s loads of storage, much more than you think and the bods at VW have thought about every inch of space and how it is used. Also, the ‘Captains chairs” otherwise known as the driver/passengers seats both swivel around to create a fanstic living/dining/games area at night. So yes, it’s bigger on the inside! Take the tour and find out for yourselves.

3. The TARDIS is full of all manner of weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmos

The VW California is the very best campervan available on the market today. It’s been 60 years in the making and the new VW California Ocean 6.1 Campervan is the epitomy of style, luxury and design. It comes packed to the top of the electric roof with the very best and latest tech and amazing gizmos. The main difference between our VW Califiornias and the TARDIS is you won’t have to hit it with a hammer to get it all working!. For more information and those interested in the tech spec click here.

4. The TARDIS travels to strange lands where adventure awaits!

Massive tick for the campervan here. Fun and adventure await. Around every corner and around every bend the unknown bekons and demands your attention. Hopefully you will not run into any Daleks or Cybermen on your travels though! Click here for some amazing ‘other worldly’ places to visit and things to do.

5. The TARDIS mainly travels with the Doctor a sidekick and/or travelling companions

The  more the merrier and the same can be said for a campervan holiday. Whether it’s a family adventure, a romantic getaway or just a trip with friends exploring some wild places fun and adventure is guaranteed. Whilst our campervans are limited to a maxium of four persons there’s plenty of space (see point 2) for everyone to enjoy a fun packed adventure, we also welcome furry friends too.

Where will your time travelling adventure take you?

So after some serious discussion in the office (far more than really necessary!), consideration and analysis it would seem that there are a number of undeniable similarities between the VW California and the TARDIS. So much so that I am wondering now whether the bods at VW looked at the TARDIS for inspiration. Makes you wonder what might be coming next?

Only question is here where will your TARDIS adventure take you? Click here for some inspiration on place to go and things to see and do.